Tragically un-shilled by Oprah, some of these are still in print. And more are in the works. I promise!

29 and Counting: A Chick's Guide to Turning 3029 & Counting:
A Chick’s Guide to Turning 30

The original chick’s guide to turning 30 angst, and astoundingly, still in print. Although fretting about turning 30 seems awfully silly from where I sit these days, it’s still a lot of good advice.

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Planet Parenthood: The Funny, Helpful, Absolutely Essential Survivor's Guide to a Strange New WorldPlanet Parenthood:
Adapting to your New Life Form

All about how you turn from a happy-go-lucky gal or guy into that odd creature known as a PARENT when you have your first baby. Just believe me when I tell you that there’s probably a mini-van in your future.

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Attack of the Toddlers! : Further Adventures on Planet ParenthoodAttack of the Toddlers:
Further Adventures on Planet Parenthood

Now that you’ve survived the first year of parenthood, you get to level up to year two and beyond. Good luck. You might want to get rid of that white sofa, too.

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Mommy Yoga: The 50 Stretches of MotherhoodMommy Yoga:
The 50 Stretches of Motherhood

A darling gift book featuring the typical contortions of a mom described in the yoga vernacular. With hip and colorful illustrations, this is the perfect gift for any new yoga mamma.

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